Pope Francis’ Message To Climate Change Advocates

(Photo source: Radio Vatican website) This November, Earthniversity would like to provide our readers with the text of Pope Francis’ message to the advocates of Climate Change.  This event took place at the United Nations Office at Nairobi, Kenya. The message has tremendous importance especially to the forthcoming COP21 on Climate Change which will take … Continue reading

Model of Environmental & Social Impact Assessment Report of a BRT System Project

Introduction The Bus Rapid Transit System or BRT is designed to lessen traffic congestion in urban centers as well as decrease travel time from one point to the next therefore increasing productivity in all sectors of the society such as: social sector and economic sector among others. In this post, Earthniversity shares the Final Report … Continue reading

BRT: Helping Commuters Decrease Travel Time

The first time I learned about the term BRT, I just wondered how it’s going to change the transportation scenario, for example, in my country.  As one of the Third World countries in Asia, the Philippines has not done any Bus Rapid Transport System or BRT.  It is indeed, a strange thing for me to … Continue reading

Zero Waste Initiatives viewed from a capital city’s experience

Originally posted on Earthniversity:
BEST PRACTICES CORNER: Zero Waste Initiatives viewed from a capital city’s experience. (Reference: http://www.nowaste.act.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/12464/landfillgraphpdf.pdf Canberra, Australia This case study is one of nine contributing to the Green Alliance paper An International Survey of Zero Waste Initiatives. The overview paper gives the background to this work and captures the findings and recommendations…