Central Market: The Original Nerve Center

Central Market: The original nerve center of Bacolod City. In the early 60s, life was lived simply in Bacolod City. As a child of a working class family in Barrio Obrero, now known as Villamonte, our life, just like most kids, was focused on going to school, accompanying the adults to the market, attending the … Continue reading

To What Extent Does A Reclamation Project Hurts Biodiversity?

The non-stop reclamation project of China in the disputed group of islands and islets at the West Philippine Sea or the Spratly group of islands has been causing great irreparable damage to the Biodiversity in that region.  The damage had been observed in the shoals and atolls that included the Johnson Reef, McKennan Reef, Mischief Reef, … Continue reading

World Environment Day, 2015

June 5 every year had been designated by the United Nations as World Environment Day. Celebrated by all nations of the world, WED activities ranges from Information and Education Campaigns, Tree Planting, Clean-Up Drive of the coastal areas, rivers, forest parks and oceans and global forum, among others. Here is a glimpse of the 2015 video … Continue reading

A Human Settlements In The Atmosphere of Venus?

Why not. It may appear like a sci-fi movie but when the possibility of establishing  a human settlements in the atmosphere of Venus is confirmed by studies, it would change our perceptions of life in outer space. Find out more about this project here: http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/this-inflatable-plane-could-explore-the-clouds-of-venus/ar-BBkdPsf?ocid=DELLDHP

Guiwanon: A Community Based Mangrove Project and Spring Park

A local community in the village of Luyang  in the island of Siquijor in the Philippines, had organized the community of local fisherfolks and initiated a community project that promotes livelihood and eco-tourism.  They call this project the Guiwanon Spring Park Resort. In the park are several springs that flows into the sea and the sea … Continue reading