Carbon Dioxide: How It Travels Around The Globe by NASA

“In the spring of 2014, for the first time in modern history, atmospheric carbon dioxide – the key driver of global warming – exceeded 400 parts per million across most of the northern hemisphere. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, carbon dioxide concentrations were about 270 parts per million. Concentrations of the greenhouse gas in the … Continue reading

Chile’s HidroAysen Project, aka, Baker-Pascua Dam Project

The environmentalist groups  led by Patagonia Defense Council or PDC  Coalition  which includes International Rivers, the Natural Resources Defense Council and local citizens and community groups  had successfully blocked the construction of HidroAysen Project in Chile.  This development came about four months ago in June 2014.  Earthniversity considered this event, happening in that far-flung country in … Continue reading

Waste Management Practices & The Bermuda Experience.

One of the problems that bother any Local Government Unit or LGU in most of the Third World Countries is the lack of funds to finance their Solid Waste Management Programs and Projects.  This may include, the construction of a sanitary landfill, a waste treatment facility or any other means of waste management.  If this … Continue reading

The Soil Speaks

The most vulnerable part of the planet earth is the Soil.  It is like a sponge, it absorbs anything and everything.  Do you think the Soil has no limits to what humans do to it?  Please listen to this conversation – the Soil Speaks.   Through the medium of “personification”  Edward Norton,  an American actor, … Continue reading

If The Rainforest Can Speak, What Will He Tells You?

If the rainforest can speak, do you know what he will tell you? Conservation International recently (October 5, 2014) uploaded a video on youtube through ConservationDotOrg and presented a very good discussion of what a rainforest will tell the human population. Here is Kevin Spacey, a famous actor, director, screenwriter and producer, narrating what the … Continue reading

If The Ocean Can Speak, What Will He Tells You?

If the ocean can speak, do you know what he will tell you? The Conservation International through ConservationDotOrg has uploaded a video on youtube recently (October 5, 2014) about the conversation of the Ocean to you. This personification of the Ocean is performed by Harrison Ford, a multi-awarded actor and producer. Earthniversity is therefore happy … Continue reading