Earth Song by Michael Jackson With Lyrics

Source: Youtube. Originally written and composed by Michael Jackson in a hotel room in Austria under the title “What About Us”. EARTH SONG What about sunrise, what about rain, What about all the things, that you said we were to gain, What about killing fields, Is there a time, What about all the things, that … Continue reading

Scuba Divers and Underwater Heritage Sites

The island of Negros and the neighboring islands of Cebu, Malapascua, Siquijor, Apo and Panay in Central Philippines are endowed with beautiful dive spots that attracted local as well as international dive enthusiasts. The islands are surrounded by deep blue waters with rich aquatic life, coral reefs and sunken ships that made it as one … Continue reading

Should We Worry About Black Ice and Dark Snow?

What is the mystery behind this black ice and dark snow phenomenon? If Black Ice and Dark Snow were caused by natural disaster such as forest fires or factory smokes and others, what should the governments do to mitigate this Black Ice and Dark Snow Phenomenon? Does that affect the global warming and greenhouse gases? … Continue reading

The Millenium Development Goals Report 2014 By United Nations

One of the most vital documents that guided the direction of development among Third World Countries is the United Nations Millenium Development Goals. In the following presentations, Earthniversity shares some of the best discussions to assist development workers and planners operating in various Local Government Units (LGU).  It has been 14 years ago in 2000 … Continue reading

Revisiting the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea

On September 25, 2014, the United Nations  celebrate the World Maritime Day. It is a celebration that every country with territorial waters being on the limelight this 2014 should try to re-visit. One of the global instruments that governs the sea and the sea lanes is the Law of the Sea Treaty signed by majority member-states … Continue reading