Originally posted on Earthniversity:
In the celebration of Earth Day on April 22, 2015, Earthniversity would like to re-post this video. Hoping that this will inspire the readers to engage in activities that can protect and conserve the environment. For LGUs (local government units) and communities around the world, the following programs and projects can…

Drought In American West?

NASA Goddard had released this video projecting the occurrence of drought in American West.  As the old question goes, “Do you give a damn?”  I suppose the answer would be, “Yes, we give a damn”.  After all the enumeration of the factors that contribute to the issue on Drought, we “zero in” on the changing climate … Continue reading

World Water Day 2015: Water Is Our World.

Water is life.  Water is everything.  Let us protect and conserve those parts of the environment that create water. Begin it with yourself, at home, in offices, in your community, all around the world.  Don’t forget, it is March 22, the day to renew your commitment to this noble cause. Source: youtube and UNwater1 For … Continue reading

Earth Hour 2015: Are You Using Your Power?

March 28, 2015 will mark this year’s Earth Hour beginning 8:30 p.m. up to 9:30 p.m.  For one full hour, every citizen of the world, from government offices, business, local communities and every home are encouraged to conserve energy.  By doing this energy conservation strategy, a big amount of earth’s resources is saved for the use … Continue reading