World Day of Social Justice, February 20, 2015

Today, February 20, 2015, the United Nations spearheads the celebration of World Day of Social Justice.  It is good to know that countries around the world should adhere to the implementation of the ideas and concepts of equality and social justice for all. In my opinion, when countries, specifically, the Third World countries will strictly … Continue reading

Waste Management Styles of Cruise Ships

Earthniversity presents a snippet of the different styles of Waste Management done by cruise ships. Their compliance with environmental laws, remove the irritants between the cruise ships and the environmentalists.   Presented here are the videos of  three (3) cruise ships featuring their styles of managing waste.  The result?  Lowering their environmental footprint. Source: youtube … Continue reading

Climate Resilience Toolkit: A Framework For Understanding And Addressing Climate Issues.

Earthniversity would like to share the U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit which is now available on-line. According to its website, “The Climate Resilience Toolkit provides resources and a framework for understanding and addressing the climate issues that impact people and their communities.” While this Toolkit is prepared for use of the different communities in the United States, this … Continue reading

Strategic Planning Workshop on the Protection & Conservation of the Coral Reefs (Lecture # 9)

Source: Art Vanchaam of Thailand @ Vimeo Earthniversity would like to present a new topic entitled:  Strategic Planning Workshop on the Protection & Conservation of the Coral Reefs.  This is a global issue and as wide as the extent that the coral reefs are present in any part of the world.  But, Earthniversity attempts to … Continue reading

The Coral Reef Speaks. Do you want to listen?

Let us begin the year 2015 with a beautiful message from the Coral.  Using the power of personification, Ian Somerhalder,  speaks as the Coral Reef. Somerhalder is a popular American Actor and Model.  According to Wikipedia, among his notable works included the Lost and the Vampire Diaries.  He was also a multi-awarded actor and was … Continue reading